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Declaring war on weeds

Monday, November 17th, 2008

now that things have quieted down in the garden and the vegetable patch is resting cosily under a blanket of mulch is an excellent time to get a head start on fighting next year’s weeds. Take the paths along the two rosebeds in front of the house. Very pretty, but they forever need my attention during the growing season. There seems no end to the work involved in keeping these paths presentable during the summer months. So I decided to try something I read about not too long ago. It is a fairly simple approach. First you cover the area with cardboard, no need to skimp here, then add a layer of bark chips to cover the whole mess. The cardboard acts as a barrier. While it does allow moisture to get through it will keep the light from getting to any seeds that might start to sprout underneath it and they will die.  Just make sure that the bark chips have not been treated with pesticides. I have tried this procedure underneath my berry bushes and it seeems to work quite nicely in supressing weeds. An added benefit is that earth worms seem to love the moist layers of paper, and we know how beneficial they are to the soil. After a while the paper will rot away, but I feel it is a simple task to push the chips aside and place new cardboard underneath when that happens.

I am about halfway there, let’s hope the weather stays mild for another few days ;)