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Recycling and such

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

there appear to be as many ways to recycle as the number of creative people interested in recycling. It is amazing how many ideas people dream up.

I took a rare afternoon off last week. I spent the time at a friend’s house drinking “Eiskaffee” (no no, not cold coffee with ice cubes, but the European version,  made with the same basic cold coffe to which a generous scoop of ice cream has been added, topped with a healthy dollop of whipped cream -  if you have never tried this, go for it, live a little and worry about the calories another time ;)

We were sitting on the edge of a pond, feet dangling in the water, sipping this fabulous concoction, counting butterflies, listening to bird song, and talking about whatever came to mind.  There are 16 apricot trees in my friend’s garden that produced an unbelievable amount of luscious, sweet, ripe apricots this year, thus the best way to preserve the fruit was one of the topics that came up. I love apricot jam, and in order to get that from the cooking pot into the jars with the minimum amount of drips and spills I have gone through girations from using little ladles to cutting the tips off funnels. One of my friends cuts a plastic bottle in half and uses the pouring end as a funnel. No fuss, no mess, you don’t even have to wash it afterwards, just toss it when you are done. Pretty neat, huh?

Do you have obsolete CDs hanging around? String them up! Do you have fruit trees or berry bushes in your garden? Hang a few CDs on the branches and the birds will stay away. I saw this in a restaurant garden where a giant horse chestnut tree sparkled with CDs. Pretty nasty to have birds sitting above your food.

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Or share your ideas. I’d love to hear them.