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oh, what a glorious morning

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Morning Glory

How lucky to be greeted by such a lovely sight first thing in the morning.

One of my first trips on any given morning is to see what has changed in my vegetable garden during the night. Given the fact that I also visit there before I close up for the night this might sound obsessive, and it probably (definitely?) is, but what can I tell you. After watching these plants develop from sickly, pale, leggy seedlings on my kitchen window to sturdy, healthy, flowering and fruit bearing plants I feel I am entitled to a little pride.

Cukes are hanging heavy on the vines, zucchini are coming in nicely, there are more herbs out there than I can possibly use in a year, and I actually picked enough green beans to serve in meals and start our frozen stash for the winter. Tomatoes, unless something tragic were to happen, should be a banner crop; huge, albeit still green orbs, that promise many luscious salads.

If tonight’s dinner plans work out as imagined I’ll share a zucchini recipe with you tomorrow. Can’t have enough of those this time of year ;)