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Crooked cucumbers are back!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

in case you missed the earth shattering announcement a few days ago let me be the first to inform you that … drum roll please … crooked cucumbers are coming back! Cukes and 25 other varieties of fruit and vegetables with less than perfect shapes will be allowed to be sold in stores again. If you live in a country that belongs to the European Union that is. And isn’t that impressive enough to make your heart beat faster. It is truly amazing how long it took the various commissions in Brussels to realize that ruling on curvature, shape and color of fruit and veggies might just be a bit of overkill and excessive in terms of bureaucracy. Didn’t anyone tell these people that nature does not usually grow things uniformly and perfect? But not to worry, there is enough of these inane laws left in place to put the sparkle back in the eyes of any pedant. Ten items, apples, citrus fruit, kiwi, lettuce, peaches and nectarines, strawberries, peppers, grapes and tomatoes, will have to be labelled if they are non-conformant to the standards devised by the wise men and women of the European Commission.

Instead of worrying about perfection I would be much more impressed if some of the old varieties that were known for how good they tasted were coming back. I take a lopsided tomato with flavor and aroma over the overbred bright red perfectly round hard tasteless globes that we find on the shelves of most super markets. And whatever happened to the many varieties of potatoes which used to be available? There are about 5500 known varieties of potatoes, so how come we can only choose between baking, for salad, mashing, early, or not? That to me is not progress but a step in the wrong direction. To think that we we are paying representatives for this silliness. But then dealing with produce is probably less controversial than having to worry about climate change, energy crisis, the environmental impact of industrial waste just to mention a few. Some form of identification of the distance an item had to travel to reach us would be a good thing, tell us the environmental impact and let us decide whether we like what we see. Instead, they discuss how perfect a piece of fruit must be in order to be sold in a market? Somone tell these clowns to get in touch with reality. Please. . .