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There are vegetables growing in the park!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Vegetables growing in the middle of a Vienna?

Not likely, and not every year, but this was the exact scene in Vienna, Austria, in the summer of 2005. The project, 25Peaces, a play on words, commemorated the 60 year anniversary of the Second Republic, the 50 year anniversary of the treaty after WWII, and the 10 year anniversary of Austrian membership in the European Union. This project was brought to life as a reminder to peace and freedom, and one of the sub-projects attempted to recreate the small gardens that the citizens of Vienna laid out in the parks after the war. Instead of grass and flowers, cabbages, lettuce, tomatoes and beans grew again on Heldenplatz, one of the parks surrounding the old city. Fences were built from anything available as they were 60 years ago, from window frames to old doors, chairs, ladders, even bicycles.
You may know these gardens under the name ‘victory gardens‘, same principle though, providing food in times of need.

Container Gardens

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Containergarden in Dumpsters

They come in all sorts of pots of varying sizes from tiny flower pots to rather large vessels. Never before however have I  seen an array of dumpsters with live flowers – OK, so maybe calling them flowers is stretching it a bit, they are a tad past their prime – but, hey, there is still one yellow bloom in there, and the arrangement has to be unique. Yes, the plants are definitely rooted in earth, and I bet you a few weeks ago this line-up of dumpsters was an eye catcher. Someone even plastered posters of an upcoming concert in Bratislava on the sides for added color. While this picture may not be practical for most of us, it definitely is unique in its approach.

Seen in Vienna, Austria, along a waterway that is lined with night clubs, coffee houses, and bars.