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Fill ‘er up – from the deep fryer ?

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

If you happen to live in Sarasota, Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix or Dallas – or any place in between, you might want to keep your eyes open for a blue Mercedes station wagon with plenty of advertisement stickers on it. And if you see it – give a big wave and a holler!

The driver will be Colin Coon, 18 years old, who had the guts, the know-how and organizational skills to convert a diesel engine to run on used oil which will be donated by various restaurants along the way. Colin  plans to be on the road Feb. 28 through April 18. Why does Colin do it? To show the power of alternative energy. Now tell me that young people have nothing but parties on their mind!

Gene manipulation? No thanks? You think!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

isn’t anything safe anymore? Bad enough that GM food quietly finds its way onto our supermarket shelves. Now we can also worry about seed contamination. If you want to read how our current government is looking out for us, and if you think that growing your own takes care of your worries, think again. You might want to take a look at this article. Scary in so many ways.

Container Gardens

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Containergarden in Dumpsters

They come in all sorts of pots of varying sizes from tiny flower pots to rather large vessels. Never before however have I  seen an array of dumpsters with live flowers – OK, so maybe calling them flowers is stretching it a bit, they are a tad past their prime – but, hey, there is still one yellow bloom in there, and the arrangement has to be unique. Yes, the plants are definitely rooted in earth, and I bet you a few weeks ago this line-up of dumpsters was an eye catcher. Someone even plastered posters of an upcoming concert in Bratislava on the sides for added color. While this picture may not be practical for most of us, it definitely is unique in its approach.

Seen in Vienna, Austria, along a waterway that is lined with night clubs, coffee houses, and bars.