Recycling and such

there appear to be as many ways to recycle as the number of creative people interested in recycling. It is amazing how many ideas people dream up.

I took a rare afternoon off last week. I spent the time at a friend’s house drinking “Eiskaffee” (no no, not cold coffee with ice cubes, but the European version,  made with the same basic cold coffe to which a generous scoop of ice cream has been added, topped with a healthy dollop of whipped cream -  if you have never tried this, go for it, live a little and worry about the calories another time ;)

We were sitting on the edge of a pond, feet dangling in the water, sipping this fabulous concoction, counting butterflies, listening to bird song, and talking about whatever came to mind.  There are 16 apricot trees in my friend’s garden that produced an unbelievable amount of luscious, sweet, ripe apricots this year, thus the best way to preserve the fruit was one of the topics that came up. I love apricot jam, and in order to get that from the cooking pot into the jars with the minimum amount of drips and spills I have gone through girations from using little ladles to cutting the tips off funnels. One of my friends cuts a plastic bottle in half and uses the pouring end as a funnel. No fuss, no mess, you don’t even have to wash it afterwards, just toss it when you are done. Pretty neat, huh?

Do you have obsolete CDs hanging around? String them up! Do you have fruit trees or berry bushes in your garden? Hang a few CDs on the branches and the birds will stay away. I saw this in a restaurant garden where a giant horse chestnut tree sparkled with CDs. Pretty nasty to have birds sitting above your food.

For more great ideas you can look here.

Or share your ideas. I’d love to hear them.


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  1. Kerstin Says:

    Oh, I love Eiskaffee, the European kind :) Didn’t have one for quite some time, but last Tuesday I finally allowed myself a good helping of ice cream with hot cherries, whipped cream and cream sauce. Just “normal” coffee to go with that.

    And I also love apricot jam. Opened my last self made jar – which is actually a Lock&Lock container because I was too eager to recycle all jars just the week before I got around to make the jam – this morning. I had filled four of them, two bigger ones and two of those small round ones. The latter I ate the evening of the day after I made them, with a spoon and some evaporated milk added. Yum! Wished apricots weren’t so expensive when you buy them in the store.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a use for old CDs. I dumped about 25 of them a few weeks ago.

  2. Kerstin Says:

    Forgot about a recycling idea that I turned into a project when I was a teenager and had just broken up with my then boyfriend, later husband. No, he had broken up with me, and I needed something to take my mind off of all the misery. So I gathered a bunch of white jar lids and looked for nice flower photos in magazines. Those I cut out as circles, so that they match the size of the lids minus the distance to the slight dent/bump. I glued these circles to the top of the lids and when the glue had dried out I coated the whole things with a transparent finish. Then I punched a small hole into the edge of each lid, attached strings and hang the “pictures” in an irregular pattern over my bed.

  3. ingrid Says:

    Hi Kerstin, it is good to hear from you again. Home made apricot jam is simply the best, isn’t it. I am fortunate that we live in an area with plenty of old fruit trees, so finding apricots (or cherries or …) is easy. Beside the 2 buckets I took home from my friend we bought some more apricots from a young woman who offered them in a nearby town. She walked around the town square with a carton filled with just picked fruit. You can’t beat the price and the taste is simply great if the fruit is left to ripen on the tree. Yet the stores still sell apricots from Italy. Go figure.

    The idea of creating art out of jar lids is fascinating. At one time or another I had various projects going, but never did I do anything with lids. I imagine that they create a nice visual, flowers swaying in the breeze.

  4. Kerstin Says:

    I agree on the home made apricot jam, of course :) And I love the apricots to be freshly picked. I’m not sure, though, if the amount of certain fruits that we consume isn’t larger than what we produce. We don’t need to have all fruits around the year, but at this time of the year they’re a must.

    As to my art project – although I wouldn’t call it art myself – it seems I conveyed the wrong image. “Over my bed” actually meant on the wall. But it was a nice sight nonetheless.

  5. ingrid Says:

    I agree that as consumers we have been totally spoiled, it seems that there is nothing we cannot buy that is not in season someplace in the world. Imagine the reduction in profit if we had to go back to the era where only local produce was available in the stores. We try to chose local products whenever possible, but are far from 100% in that. Barbara Kingsolvers book ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’ has been quite influential to my awareness and my shopping habits. Somehow I feel a change in general for the better. We ate at a restaurant yesterday and one entire page in the menu was taken up with the list of local growers (and local really is regional) who supply their kitchen. That is good to see.

    I recently read about the amount of food that gets tossed, either by the stores because of expiration dates or because consumers buy and don’t use. One could feel a lot of people with that.

    As to your flower project – I still like the image of floating lids ;)

  6. Jersey Guy Says:

    @Kerstin: I really like the idea with the images on jar lids. Definitely going to look for a way to use it.


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