carefully testing the waters …

well, that was quite a break from blogging, and if you think I was just goofing off let me tell you I really truly wasn’t. Things got in the way, mostly work, and though I was tempted many times to talk about things that might be of interest these thoughts never made it to the virtual paper. Procrastination I guess, combined with a need to just step back for a while.

But first I have to tell you that I am thrilled/amazed/blown away by the fact that some of you actually missed my posts! If that is not encouragement I don’t know what is ;) So my sencere thanks to you for giving me that extra push that I apparently needed.

Many things have happened, and focussing on the positive, one of the first things that comes to mind is the Clean Energy bill that passed the House of Representatives just a few days ago, sadly with not as much support as one could wish for and not nearly enough for what we would need, but maybe we have to count our blessings that it even made it this far. The combination of industry and money is such a powerful force that what happens to the environment seems inconsequential. And we must not forget the coal plants that are still spewing dirt and poisons into the air. There is still a lot to be corrected.

On the other hand people are getting together to take up the slack where governments fail.  Ocean Grove is a small and fabulously pictureque town on the New Jersey shore, just south of Asbury Park (yep, that is the place where Bruce Springstein with the E Street Band played at the Stone Pony  – I had to throw that in just because ;)  where cars used to be banned on Sundays. Ocean Grove bills itself as ‘God’s square mile at the Jersey shore’ and the no-car rule was until a few years ago enforced for purely religious reasons. Now there are towns springing up, I read about one of them recently in Germany, where people ban motorized vehicles from the streets. You want to live there you better know you have to park on the outskirts.  Isn’t that a great idea though, cleaner air, no traffic noise, a safe place for kids to play, it is something one could get used to.

JG supplied the picture of one of the yellow daisies that will take over the world if I don’t get out there soon ;)

5 Responses to “carefully testing the waters …”

  1. Kerstin Says:

    Hi Ingrid,

    I’m glad you’re back and I’m glad our little encouragement helped ;)
    Sorry for causing so much rain in the process. Need to have a closer eye on the dosage next time.

    Hope you find the time to write more regularly again, but also more to relax.


  2. ingrid Says:

    Hi Kerstin,
    glad you hear from you again. And yes, the rain you sent so kindly has pretty much stopped save for an occasional thunder storm. Now, if you could turn down the heat just a tiny bit … ;)
    Hope all is well with you,

  3. Kerstin Says:

    Hi Ingrid,

    I’ll try my best to cool it down. Still getting used to this new weather widget thingy :) Here it’s still quite nice, warm but not too much so.
    I’m well. Thank you for asking. My company will be moving to another building in the middle of the month. Not lucking forward to that. But hopefully we’ll get to know a few new people.

    Wish you both a nice weekend.

  4. Kerstin Says:

    lucking -> looking

  5. ingrid Says:

    The middle of the month is approaching and I feel for you. Moving is never fun (well, maybe if you get to move to a penthouse or such ;)
    It usually takes me months to find everything. For better or worse – the best of luck!

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