The story of the lamb shank and cold water pasta

Do you know the story of the newly married wife who goes to buy a leg of lamb? “And cut off the shank end of it please” she asks the butcher. He does what she wants done and the wife proceeds to make a delicious roast. When her mother sees that the roast is in two pieces in the roasting pan she asks her daughter why. “Because you always did it this way” the daughter replied. The mother burst out laughing, sputtering “only because my pan was too short”.

A cute story which does raise one point though: how often do we do things without ever questioning the ‘why’ of it? JG pointed me to a story that deals with exactly that issue and how best to cook pasta. This method needs a little bit more attention while things are cooking but it does save energy. Well worth a read, and something I will definitely try next time it’s spaghetti day at our house.

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