Beets – a superfood

some foods seem destined to wind up on our ‘do I really have to eat this’ list. Spinach seems to be high on that list, but so are beets. And they do have a grungy kind of appearance. But the taste – heavenly, if you ask me. This bunch I brought in just before last night’s rain turned to snow. They are the last of the season and not prime examples but they will taste just as sweet as their predecessors did which were pulled up during the summer months. Beets are quite versatile – eat them raw with a little vinegar and oil, or cook them with cumin seeds, tomatoes, garlic and onions; the leaves make a fine salad, and that is just for starters. A juice made with beets and carrots is naturally sweet. And so healthy!

If you still aren’t convinced that you like to see beets on your dinner table look up the health benefits of beets and get convinced ;)

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2 Responses to “Beets – a superfood”

  1. Vik Says:

    I love spinach! (and beets)

  2. ingrid Says:

    aren’t they great? Spinach is also one of my all-time favorite veggies. Unfortunately the snow has covered most of what was still growing. I wonder if it will wilt. I’d love it even more if it came back ;)

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