Pumpkin art

It is amazing how many things one can do with pumpkins. In the kitchen anything goes, from a delectable spiced pumpkin soup to roasted pumpkin cubes to cake and bread, pumpkins are amazingly versatile. Now it seems that some rather creative people in a neighboring village have come up with ideas all their own (it kind of makes one wonder if they might not have gotten tired of eating these things 3 times a day) ;)

The detail on the carvings is what really impressed me. There might be some as yet undiscovered artistic talent in that little farming town. I love the smile on that little piggy.

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8 Responses to “Pumpkin art”

  1. Deb Says:

    What a wonderful picture – perfect for this weather!

  2. ingrid Says:

    thank you, Deb. I agree with you, it is a cheerful scene, just the thing for a foggy, rainy day in November (yep, today is another one of those ;(

  3. Kerstin Says:

    first snow of this winter, today. Won’t stay, though, since it’s still much too mild. But it looks nice. Different kind of nice from you picture, which is quite funny :)

  4. ingrid Says:

    oh well, it has to happen sometime I guess. I am just not ready for the white stuff yet. We planned to spend a day in Vienna but nixed it because of heavy rain this morning. The sun was out for about 5 minutes and now the rain is quiet heavy with wind gusts. Oh joy ;)

  5. Kerstin Says:

    We had this yesterday. I arrived half soaked at the clinic, but since I got spoiled by a cute nurse for the rest of the day, I didn’t mind :)

    Now the snow’s already gone again.

  6. ingrid Says:

    so I gather we can look forward to colder weather too.
    cute as in male? Not bad ;) I hope you are all better. Use the weekend to recover and recharge. Have a lovely one!

  7. Kerstin Says:

    male, of course :)

    I could have gone to work today. I feel fine, but already got the “Krankenschein” before surgery. So, I’ll just oblige

  8. ingrid Says:

    smart move ;)

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