The season’s first Beefsteak tomato

There is something relaxing about activities that don’t require a lot of thought and concentration, where the mind can meander freely. For instance gardening. So recently, while I was pulling some weeds, it occurred to me that, maybe, this might just be the first bunch of beefsteak tomatoes growing in a vegetable garden in Austria. I first got acquainted with these beauties my first summer in New Jersey. They glowed from roadside farm stands where I used to buy them by the bushel to take home where we feasted on them. You’d bite into them and could still taste the sunshine that made them grow big and red and luscious. And so, after leaving New Jersey behind, these beautiful tomatoes also remained just a fond memory. Until I found a packet of seeds while on a trip to the U.S. last winter. And finally, after fussing about the small plants, hoping that nothing untoward would happen to them outside, that nobody would decide to take a bite out of any one of them,  the very first beefsteak tomato is ready to enjoy. And isn’t it a beauty!

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3 Responses to “The season’s first Beefsteak tomato”

  1. Jersey Guy Says:

    You forgot to mentioned that it weighed 348g. ;-)


  2. ingrid Says:

    and so I did ;)
    Thanks for the reminder, JG
    There is another biggie on that same vine that I bet is even heavier.

  3. Divya Says:

    Lovely beefsteak tomatoes. Just got myself ferry morse beefsteak tomato seeds after seeing it in a recipe. :) can’t wait to see them. Any idea what is the size of the pot in which it can be grown?

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