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Musings for a happy day

Monday, February 16th, 2009

We roll out of bed in the morning with a fuzzy head, somehow muddle through it all and end the day many hours later with a tired and exhausted feeling. Sounds about right? Yep. I have days like that at times too. This overwhelming feeling that it simply cannot all be accomplished in the hours that are available in a day. The lump that sits in the stomach and gets bigger and heavier as the day gets on, the tiredness that overcomes us and won’t go away.

The reasons for stress seem made to order to suit each of us – aren’t we the lucky ones – and while some of us are stronger than others to resist that little devil that whispers in our ear ‘you’ll never get it all done’, we all at one time or another have fallen into this same deplorable pit of misery. Maybe looking at things from a slightly different angle is the charm, or it might be a change of scenery that does the trick. A few moments taken from our busy schedules to have only to ourselves, egotistical as it might appear. All really simple ideas that can help us get through each day a little bit more at ease.

I watched a butterfly yesterday, orange with yellow spots, as it fluttered between blossoms. I saw a gull lift its wings and soar into the blue sky. A tiny white bloom among blades of dried out grass. The melody of a bird that sings its heart out high in a tree. Take a minute and really listen to it. A smile, a hug. So many little things that can be islands of peace in our hectic lives. If only we look for them. So let’s keep our eyes open and collect these special moments for ourselves. Then pass them on to the people around us. But most of all – give it your best do make today a happy day for yourself! Then watch it spread out from there.

JG captured this sunflower balloon as it boobed in the warm breeze at the entrance to a spice shop. So, close your eyes, imagine the aroma of clove and cinnamon, curry and lemons infusing the air around you. Now, take a deep breath, and smile.