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Speaking of Valentine’s Day . . .

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

If you are a bit like me things tend to creep up on you. Before you had a reasonable chance to let the date sink in, here it is and it is already too late to prepare for it. Take for instance Valentine’s day. Just recently I began to notice heart balloons bobbing in shop windows, candy boxes all in red, and who knows all the special items I missed along the way. Had I ignored or failed to see all the blunt directives that show you how to spend in order to express your love I also happened upon a great article at the Sierra Club site this morning with great ideas specifically for a green Valentine’s Day. It shows that we do have a choice in the way we give. It does not have to be hot house flowers or candy or the formerly ‘unmentionables’ – which usually do more for the giver than the recipient anyway ;)

Let’s not blindly reach for an item without considering the impact that item has on our environment. It takes practice and there might not always be a green alternative to what we want to buy, but let’s at least try and give it a fair shot. After all, how do the suppliers, growers, manufacturers know what we really want if we do not express our wants and needs in the way we make our selections.

Take flowers as an example. They are forever popular, easy to come by, just walk into any florist’s or pick a pretty bunch up in the supermarket. But what about the impact on the environment. Most probably these blooms were grown in greenhouses where they needed to be irrigated, had to be grown under strict climate and light control, then they were shipped over great distances to finally arrive at their destination. Looks like a large carbon footprint to me. Or we might look for flowers that are grown locally and are not treated with pesticides at an organic farm in our area. The choice is ours.

And what better time to get those creative juices flowing than Valentine’s day. Some of my most treasured presents ever are those made by my children when they were still quite young. They may be basic and simple, and over the years may not have held up too well, but oh, those memories! Nothing store-bought could ever replace them. So why not give something novel this year that says I love you much better than something one picks up in a store, some item that requires us to think about what would please the person we love. Maybe something simple but from our hearts. The challenge is on . . . :)

Found on a beach in Sarasota, FL, a love message to John, written in the sand with sea shells.