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Saturday, January 24th, 2009

They say that one can’t ever be too rich or too thin. Not having experienced the first I would probably agree. But for the too thin part I would definitely substitute time. There simply never seems enough of that.

A few weeks ago I was rushing to get a project ready and out the door. Then came a lot of planning and juggling of priorities until it all fell into place. JG thankfully took on the job of looking for air fares, hotels and such – knowing my habits I would still be sitting at the computer at home trying to find the cheapest flight out of Vienna. There are days when I feel like one of those little furry creatures who run around on a wheel in their cages without getting anywhere at all. So you might think that finally being away from it all, time would be plentiful. Guess again. I am not one to sit at the beach or by the pool for hours on end. If I am on vacation I want to do and see things. JG and I visit nature preserves, we prowl the beach, not looking for a tan but rather to find interesting shells or birds. We walk a lot, capturing anything and anyone who does not run away from the camera, and there it is again – time. So many things to do and only a few weeks to do it all. But I am confident that we will manage to do a decent job of it.

And we already did. After all we did get to visit with our families, we talked for hours with long-time friends, visited the college campus that previously existed only in our imagination. Instead of email messages or phone calls we got to sit and talk and talk and talk . . . time, such a precious commodity!

As the man who was kicking golf balls around his backyard replied to our ‘have a good day’ recently – ‘Every day I wake up, it’s a good one‘. Something we have to remember.