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Tomato Jam

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

If tomatoes are rolling into your kitchen faster than you know what to do with them, here is a recipe I discovered at Just Recipes a number of years ago. It makes a great jam, the ginger adding just enough zing to balance out the sweetness.

Tomato Jam Ingredients

Tomato Jam

1 lb Tomatoes (green or red)
1 lb Sugar
2 oz Ginger root
1 Cinnamon stick
1 Grated rind(lemon or orange)

The entire recipe can be found here: Tomato Jam. Enjoy!


Friday, August 29th, 2008

Fall is definitely on the horizon once the peaches are ready for picking. And if that isn’t one of these glass half-full / half-empty kind of things! Peaches with their fuzzy skins are a delectable fruit, but fall? Oh no, that could wait a while before making its entrance. And so peaches always trigger somewhat mixed feelings in me.

While these peaches may not look as perfect or be as large as their store-bought cousins, their aroma and taste is far superior. Locally the trees are often planted between rows of grapes in the vineyards, hence their name ‘vineyard peaches’, they propagate easily, just toss a pit and a couple of years later you are ready to harvest. This is exactly how I wound up with 4 little peach trees that generate an amazing amount of fruit. Mostly we just eat them, their smaller size make them a perfect snack food, but I have also stewed them with cloves and a little cinnamon and a bit of lemon zest for a delicious treat. And these peaches are also special in another way – I never have trouble finding takers for the overflow. Once they are ripe you have to eat them quickly, and only rarely do you see them for sale in local stores. So for about 2 weeks in August we are in peach heaven, and just about when we think we cannot possibly eat another one, the season is over.

What’s for dinner?

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

not sure what else, but definitely something with tomatoes and cucumbers ;)

How easily things come together in the kitchen when the garden provides. I am really excited about the variety of tomatoes that seem to appear all of a sudden. Now, if I were a truly organized person I could of course predict what I am growing. But since most of the plants come from seeds that I picked out of interesting looking tomatoes bought at an Organic Foods Market in Florida last winter, the surprises keep coming.

August – Blackberry Season

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

there seems to be no end to the bounty that August brings with it. Time also for blackberries, black and shiny and tangy and sweet, a taste treat all its own. And one, I must add, that I get to enjoy without any fuss at all. I have watched them bloom in spring, then turn into tiny green apparently misshapen balls before they finally turned from red to gorgeous black shiny fruit that are now dangling in heavy clusters from my neighbor’s fence. Life is sweet ;)

August – harvest time

Friday, August 15th, 2008

when everything seems to ripen in the garden at once; cucumbers are pulling down on their vines,  tomatoes are coming into their own, red and sweet and juicy, and let’s not even talk about zucchini.  At times it makes one wonder if in springtime we set our hopes a little too high, wished for a little too much ;)

But there really is no such thing as ‘too much’ in a garden, is there? What we cannot use or put up for the winter months we can give to friends or neighbors or the health food market around the corner – the last being the preferred site because they are not lieky to try to foist some of their bounty on us in return. Sometimes the temptation to approach an unsuspecting stranger with the overflow of our garden – specifically these long green squash kind’a things that produce at the rate of rabbits in May – is overwhelming. And yet, on that cold, snowy, sleety, blustery day in February, when winter has a firm grip on us, we will get melancholy and wish for the days when the next meal was as simple as strolling through our garden and picking what it had provided.