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Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

If there ever were a contest held about the most persnickety of all plants, dill would win hands down. The seed packets use words such as hardy, easy to cultivate, grows in any soil, do not believe it! They make that stuff up, I am convinced. Not about everything, but definitely when it comes to dill. A real shame too, given the fragile grace of its leaves, the fabulous fragrance it emits from only the slightes touch, and the unbeatable flavor dill adds to so many dishes. If only it would grow as promised. Some people very nicely advise the unsuspecting gardener to plant dill in a warm spot, protected from wind. I tried that too. I painstakingly prepared a sunny spot in the garden for the seeds, not the tiniest stone to be found, nothing but good, crumbly earth. I spread the seeds, covered them with earth, sprinkled them on top, watered them, watched and waited. Nothing, unless you want to count some excellent specimen of dandelions and other not so desirables. But a dedicated gardener does  not give up. So I bought a number of seed packets, and spread the contents around the garden, regardless of wind, sun, or soil. And wouldn’t you know it, in the middle of the rose bed, mixed in with marigolds and cosmos, under the leaves of the pumpkins, dill! So I guess dill is not as much ornery as it is an individualist amongst the plants. When it decides it likes a spot the persistent gardener will be rewarded for a long time with this wonderful herb. Dill supposedly also aids in curing digestive trouble and relieving gas, which is just perfect. It may come in handy by the time dill has finally found its perfect spot in your garden.