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Plastic bottles and their uses.

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Ask anyone and they will undoubtedly tell you that plastic bottles are bad for the environment, their manufacture requires oil based products,  they take a long time to decompose, and even though they can be recycled many plastic bottles wind up in garbage dumps and landfills, and that is especially the case for bottled water that is not consumed in or near the home. So what to do with all that bulky waste?

How about using plastic bottles to generate energy.  Industrial designer Chris Allen has developed a plan to use stacks of capped plastic bottles to build huge platforms in the ocean to generate energy. Certainly an interesting idea if one can ignore the danger of these towers disintegrating, and littering the ocean with millions of bottles.

Or, on a much smaller scale of course, one can take an example of what must have been a school project in a nearby village. Plastic bottles, each a unique specimen, painted and glued into various forms, mounted on sticks and merrily spinning in the breeze were in front of many houses. Real eye catchers.

I found a use for plastic bottles too, not as artistic as these, but quite useful still. I put them on the ends of the poles that hold the tomatoes so I don’t poke out my eyes when I bend over them ;)