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Spring cleaning the green way

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Spring is just around the corner, or so they want us to believe because you sure could fool me if I look at the rain and listen to the wind howling; but as the weather turns warmer comes the desire to let in lots of fresh air, and to get rid of the accumulation of wintry grime around the house. It is the time when we want to have clean windows so we can admire the flowers or look at the birds, give the bathroom a good scrubbing, clean the kitchen cabinets, the oven – you get the idea, right?  Except the work itself is drudgery, it is not something I look forward to and in the past I was forever looking for new products to try. However …

now is a time to think green once more. We are careful how we shop, what we eat, doesn’t it make sense to also keep to the same standards when cleaning? And just in time I discovered this article that not only ensures that no poisons get introduced into the home, but shows how we can actually make cleaning products quite easily and a lot cheaper. The ingredients are easily available, you probably don’t even have to run to the store for many of the recipes. Great stuff, try it out!